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Nonprofit Remote Digest - Issue #54

Accelerate Change is a nonprofit (c3/c4) lab dedicated to catalyzing new scalable, financially-self s
Nonprofit Remote Digest
Nonprofit Remote Digest - Issue #54
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Accelerate Change is a nonprofit (c3/c4) lab dedicated to catalyzing new scalable, financially-self sustainable models for progressive citizen organizing. 

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash
Digital Social Entrepreneur
Organization: Accelerate Change
Direct Reports: N/A
Location: Full-time, 100% remote position (from home or co-working space) with occasional travel once every 2-3 months
Position Overview: Accelerate Change is seeking a mission-driven, fast-learning, relentlessly creative Digital Social Entrepreneur who will use lean experimentation to help new and established progressive social ventures increase the political power of communities of color and low-income communities.
About Accelerated Change
Accelerate Change is a nonprofit (c3/c4) lab dedicated to catalyzing new scalable, financially-self sustainable models for progressive citizen organizing. Accelerate Change is particularly focused on developing new organizing models that engage communities of color and low-income communities, as well as organizing models that bring together diverse citizens across class and race.
We help social change organizations build the people power and financial resources needed to make the lasting public policy changes needed for all communities to thrive. Drawing upon the lessons from some of the largest and most impactful social change institutions, our theory of change is based on the idea that membership organizations can experience explosive, financially sustainable growth when they provide a robust set of benefits and services that have an outstanding value to the people they seek to organize. Learn more about our model for scalable citizen organizing in the article, “The Secret of Scale” from the Stanford Social Innovation Review.
Accelerate Change helps start-up ventures and established organizations scale their relationships with constituencies using lean startup methodologies and other business strategies. We focus on testing services (digital and offline) that provide real value in people’s everyday lives and are financially self-sustainable. Read more about our approach to experimentation in the article, “The Promise of Lean Experimentation” also from the Stanford Social Innovation Review.
Accelerate Change incubates some of the fastest growing digital organizing ventures in the country with a particular focus on organizing in communities of color and low-income communities. Incubated ventures include:
  • PushBlack, which builds trusted subscriber relationships with African-Americans through daily black history and news stories that then lead to political and advocacy actions. PushBlack has grown to over 3.5 million mobile messaging subscribers (SMS+Messenger) over the past 2 years.
  • Revolution English, which has developed a financially self-sustainable model for providing free online English lessons to over 1 million immigrants, and also providing these immigrants with resources to get better jobs, immigration help, and advocacy opportunities.
  • Pulso, a new venture launched in 2018, which builds political power in the Latinx community.
Accelerate Change also works with a select group of progressive organizations, including the Sierra Club, National Domestic Workers Alliance, AFSCME, and Pantsuit Nation to experiment with new digital media initiatives.
Accelerate Change’s team of 27 staff bring a diverse mix of tech, business, organizing, and media backgrounds and deep experience with the diverse communities that we engage.
About the Position
As Accelerate Change continues to grow, we’re hiring a Digital Social Entrepreneur who can partner with our growing number of social ventures to support their experimentation to increase progressive voter turnout, raise small donor frequency, raise engagement in political actions online and offline (attending marches, signing petitions, calling a senator, text banking, etc), build new revenue models, and more. You will be expected use your creativity, your ability to learn new technologies fast, and your willingness to collaborate to build political power with diverse teams across a range of progressive causes in the buildup to the 2020 elections and beyond.
The Digital Social Entrepreneur will lead a wide array of experiments across multiple nonprofit ventures with a focus on implementing innovative digital organizing strategies. In addition to helping test new organizing strategies at existing progressive organizations, you will have the opportunity to help launch new social enterprises, including a progressive media venture. Additionally, the Digital Social Entrepreneur will be a key member of the Accelerate Change team in facilitating cross-venture conversations and learning.
Here’s what you could expect to do as a Digital Social Entrepreneur:
Designing and Running Lean Experiments for Social Impact
  • You should be ready to hit the ground running and be able to design and implement Lean experiments with all of our partners. Let’s say PushBlack wants to figure out how best to do criminal justice campaigns on Instagram. You’ll do a deep dive into figuring out the best practices to do just that, and will work with the team to run a series of tests (iterating after each one) to hone in on the most efficient, impactful strategy.  
  • With our emphatic dedication to Lean principles, in every project you undertake you’ll run focused, carefully designed tests to understand how to increase virality, revenue, and impact. You’ll also be able to analyze the data from experiments and tests that you and your teammates have run, looking for clear results to build on from test to test.
  • You’ll know that listening to users through customer discovery sessions is more important than coming up with ideas in a silo, and you’ll be dedicated to being led by the constituencies our partners work with.
  • We work with a wide array of existing ventures at various stages of growth, and we continuously look for gaps that we could fill with new ventures, new business models, new monetization strategies, new organizing techniques, and new technologies. That means that what we’re doing can and should shift as we seek to build innovative, impactful, sustainable solutions to the many challenges this country faces. Your flexibility and willingness to contribute new ideas will be critical to our success!
In order to be considered for this role, you should meet these minimum requirements:
  • Commitment to social justice. Accelerate Change is a mission-driven organization focused on creating progressive policy and political change, particularly with low-income communities and communities of color. You have demonstrated a commitment to social justice and social change through your work and/or volunteer experiences, and you want to be part of a team of people who share this commitment.
  • Experience using Lean Startup methodology. You’ve got significant experience designing and implementing projects that have used Lean principles.
  • Comfort with a variety of digital tools and platforms. You are proficient in using several of the following platforms and tools to accomplish business goals: Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Ads, Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Wordpress, Chatfuel, Crowdtangle, Buzzsumo.
  • You should have experience in several of these areas: Podcasts, customer discovery, digital content creation, small-dollar fundraising, consumer products, sponsored content, in-person events, ambassador programs, local or national organizing, online advertising, business model generation, distributed organizing, influencer networks, conducting technical training.
  • 3+ years direct experience: We’re looking for someone who has at least 3 years of experience in the business areas listed above, using the platforms and tools listed above. Ideally, this work has been done with a social justice mission in mind.
  • Comfortable with numbers and analyzing data. You’re proficient with spreadsheets and excited to wield your number-power for social change. Having a discussion about results from A/B testing, recent CTRs, and target CPAs is what you’d call a fun meeting.
  • Work independently and value being part of a team. You’re known as someone who gets things done, whether your task is creative or more technical. You prefer a mix of working on your own projects and thought partnering and learning from colleagues from diverse backgrounds. You’d be comfortable working remotely with team members based all over the country and you’re no stranger to video calls.
  • Desire to work with a truly diverse set of progressive causes. You should be down to help in any way imaginable to build voter turnout of African Americans and Latinos, run criminal justice campaigns, increase donations for environmental nonprofits, help bombard senators with calls to increase women’s rights, design English lessons for immigrants, organize labor unions, and more.
  • Flexible work hours
  • Health care after 3 months, with individual premiums fully covered and cost-share for dependents
  • Educational loan assistance after 3 months, up to $200 per month for undergraduate loans or $300 per month for graduate loans
  • 10 paid vacation days, 6 paid holidays, and 3 paid floating holidays each year
  • 5 fully paid sick days and 10 half-paid sick days each year
  • 401(k) plan after one year, with 100% employer match on the first 3% and 50% employer match on the next 2%
How To Apply
To apply, please upload your resume and tell us more about your experience using this application form.
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